At Shannon Construction we pride ourselves in exceeding our client expectations in quality construction. We have our Superintendents verify the work on a daily basis and our project management team checks the site for compliance on a weekly basis.  Established phases have proven the best way to control the flow of work and minimize disruption to our clients.  We assist or create a phased plan with sections and dates showing all involved parties the areas to be completed.

Occupied renovation projects are especially challenging to control quality due to the phased nature and client use of the facility during the project.  We have our Superintendents and Project Management team verify work using our quality inspection punch lists during the project, when the other trades are present and can correct conditions quickly and easily.

Shannon Construction is known for commercial building projects where we utilize our creative, collaborative approach to ensure client satisfaction.  All projects have benefited from a management philosophy founded on personal attention.  Our clients real estate needs are served with a practical approach that stresses personal service, technical competence, budgetary discipline and timely completion.  We achieve this through our proven methods which include detailed budgets defined by trade and scope, comprehensive narrative descriptions, dynamic project schedules, and all supportive documents.

Communication and accountability are keys to successful project management.  Shannon Construction improves on these traits by linking our field personnel with smart phones, and by utilizing cloud based document management in concert with integrated project management.