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Oscar Larson (1927 – 1965)

The Larson family arrived at Ellis Island in the late 1800’s from Sweden. They settled in Brookline, PA and raised a family. Prior to the depression Oscar Larson had built homes in the Brookline area, including the one where he and his wife had raised their three children, which is stilled owned by the Schultz family. During the Depression, Oscar Larson supported his family by renovating local homes and by performing basic carpentry tasks.

The Larson’s three children had entered high school and this is where George Schultz met Oscar Larson’s youngest daughter, Lillian Larson. They became high school sweethearts. But like so many young couples during war times, their courtship was put on hold for the good of the country. George Schultz and Gordon Larson, the son of Oscar, had entered the Navy and fought in World War II. Upon their return and after the marriage of George Schultz and Lillian Larson; George, Gordon and Oscar Larson formed Larson Builders. During the company’s tenure they constructed many office and apartment buildings located in Shadyside, Dormont, and Castle Shannon including the Mt. Lebanon Shops. Larson Builders constructed the Cornell and Buchanan apartment building in Mt. Lebanon, which is still owned and operated by the Schultz family.

George K. Schultz (1948 – 2000)

In 1971, Gordon Larson moved his wife and family to California. Oscar Larson then dissolved Larson Builders. George Schultz wanted to continue in the construction industry, so he formed Shannon Construction Company. The knowledge and skill set that George obtained from working at Larson Builders enabled him to construct the solid foundation of Shannon Construction Co. This foundation supported the framework of solid business practices of interior build-outs from repeat clients to building the nine story office complex that still houses the Shannon Construction headquarters. During Georges’ time with Shannon Construction, he also built the Executive building in Mt. Lebanon, Donaldson’s Crossroads in Peters Township, countless church renovations, and the former Ward Home’s new gymnasium (which was dedicated to George). In June 1988 the Wesleyan Community Services, Branching Out publication stated, “In work, church, and charitable deeds, George Schultz is truly a “can-do” person.” George had recognized early on that in the construction industry commercial office renovations was the future of Shannon Construction.

George and Lillian Schultz had two children, Kenneth and Sandra, who were raised in Mt. Lebanon. During Ken’s youth he worked along side of some of the company’s best employees, learning the trade just as his father had done decades before. After graduating from Purdue with a B.S. in Building Construction and Contracting, Ken had moved to Texas and worked for Bechtel Construction Company and C.E. Crest. In 1983 Ken moved back to Pittsburgh to formally join the family business.

Kenneth K. Schultz (1983 – Present)

By 2001, Ken earned the title of company President, along with the weighty responsibility of keeping Shannon Construction competitive in a time of great technological advances. A safe and stable structure must be built on a firm foundation. Through the legacy and experience of his successful father and grandfather, Ken applies the timeless lessons of the past, such as honesty, integrity, and complete respect for the client, with his years of business acumen, construction experience, and creative problem solving. Shannon Construction continually updates both accounting and design software so that the latest breakthroughs translate quickly to either cost savings or better, faster communication with the client.

Whether your firm’s plans are to renovate, move and design a new space, or build from the ground up, you will want to build on a firm foundation. In the Pittsburgh region, that firm foundation is Shannon Construction Company.